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As COVID-19 restrictions ease, businesses need to operate in a way that increases economic growth, but which does not compromise anyone’s health (including customers, staff and the community).

In many parts of Australia, businesses are now able to reopen, but are specifically required to:

  ↦ keep a register of customers who visit their business; and
  ↦ store customer information securely for a period of time.

In Queensland, businesses must keep this data for at least 56 days under Stage 3 of the recovery plan.

The new ‘P&R’ mobile App (designed for ‘Pubs & Restaurants’) makes it easy for all establishments to comply with these legal obligations.

If your business is still manually registering customers using clipboards, notepads, pens & pencils, or some other outdated process, you really stand to benefit from the 'P&R' App.

You’re probably already paying more to sanitise these sorts of items each week, than the monthly cost of listing in the App, let alone the physical record-keeping hassle!

The ‘P&R’ App simplifies the registration process and reduces your business’ risk profile (by removing touch points which require ongoing sanitisation).

The App provides a simple digital solution. Customers use their own device to submit their registration to your business. Work smarter, not harder!

Repeat customers will love the 'save data' feature which makes it a breeze to register next visit. Safe, secure, effective!

To help support Australian businesses get back on their feet, we're now offering the App for free until January 2021. What have you got to lose? Sign-up today.

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Q: What is the cost to my business?

A: Free (for the remainder of 2020!) then only $9.90 per month (incl. GST), commencing Jan 2021.

Q: How does it work?

A: Participating businesses are listed in the (free) App. Customers download the App, locate your business and complete the in-App registration form and tap 'Submit'. You receive a copy of the registration details, which you can verify with customers as required.

We'll even send you a QR Code so that customers can easily download the App and complete their registration 'on the spot'. You can also use your own 'in house' tablet to register customers on arrival, on their behalf.

Q: Why is the 'P&R' App better than other registration options?

A: We offer a simple, affordable and effective solution. A low flat monthly fee, regardless of the number of registrations. Customers can save their registration information and add your venue to a Favourites list in the App, making it easy re-register with your establishment each time they visit. Customers can also save a record of their own registrations. Most online forms don't offer these options.

Q: What happens once there is no requirement to register customers any more?

A: You can cancel your participation in the App any time, without charge.

Q: How do I sign-up?

A: Click this link and complete our secure online form - it's that simple!

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Don't delay. Using physical items to register visitors creates unneccesary risk and requires constant sanitisation effort. Embrace a cost-effective technological solution instead! Soon to be available for all Apple and Android devices. Get onboard today!

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