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Extraordinary Features

With 150 page types available, App Wizard provides a huge range of great features to support any type of operational requirement. These features enhance engagement with your target market and improve communication in real-time.

We've got 35 menu page types to choose from, 43 native page types, 30 HTML templates, 12 image display page types, 5 geo page types, 6 scanners, 5 readers, quizzes, RSS pages and the list goes on.....

Specific features include Push Notifications, Geofenced Messaging, Noticeboards, GPS Maps, Audio Tours, Ordering & Payments, Slideshows, Events, Booking Systems, Customer Loyalty & Rewards, Report Forms, Calendars, Social Media pages, Login & Access Options, App Sharing and so much more....

Any page type can be added to any App template, so you can craft the perfect App to deliver the features you need. Our framework also enables you to upgrade your App to include new features after publishing your App, so you can remain agile and responsive to emerging requirements.

Watch the video below or click here to learn more.

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Cost-Effective App Solutions

Cost-Effective App Solutions

Apps are a proven way to generate innovative revenue streams,
attract repeat business and establish customer loyalty.

App technology enables superior stakeholder engagement and
the ability to share information unlike any other communication tool.

Have you thought about developing an App but have been put off by the cost?
Think again. With App Wizard, you can develop your App for Free!

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