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Yearly Pricing

Our yearly subscription plans provide one month for free - 12 months for the price of 11!

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Prefer to make one payment annually? App Wizard provides three (3) yearly subscription plans offering great value for money. Pay for 11 months and get 1 month free!

Anyone can sign-up for free account which enables you to create, edit and develop an unlimited number of Apps at any time.

Our intuitive self-build framework provides full flexibility - simply use a pre-built template & customise your App to suit your preferences, or build your App completely from scratch.

This flexibility allows you to develop a range of Apps with different design & functionality options, prior to publishing. All draft Apps under construction can be previewed using the free App Wizard Previewer.

In order to publish an App at the App Store or Google Play, you must first have a paid subscription plan activated. The number of Apps able to be published depends on the particular subscription plan selected.

App Wizard provides three great monthly subscription plans. Build for free, then start paying the subscription once you're ready to publish your App(s).

With 98 templates and 140+ page types to choose from, you'll always be able to develop an App to suit your particular business or purpose.

Sign-up for a free account, or choose your subscription plan below (if you're ready to publish).

Please select your preferred payment method at the bottom of each subscription option below. Pay using your PayPal account, or via a debit / credit card. Get started today!

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