Plus Subscription Plan

(Direct Debit / Credit Card Payment Portal - Yearly Payment Option)

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The App Wizard 'Plus' subscription plan is our 'mid-level' subscription option. It supports customers that need to publish an App that will operate on multiple device types.

With this plan, you can create as many Apps as you like, and publish up to three (3) separate Apps across the available target platforms.

Choose from an iOS App (for iPhone and/or iPad), an Android App (which will work on both Android smartphones & Android tablets), or a Progressive Web App (PWA).

Choose any combination, keeping in mind that you only can publish up to a total of three (3) separate Apps under the 'Plus' plan (eg. 1 x iPhone App, plus 1 x iPad App, plus 1 x Android App = 3 Apps total).

The 'Plus' subscription (paid yearly) is only $658 per year (12 months for the price of 11). Great value for money!

Use the black payment button below to set up a recurring yearly payment using your debit/credit card.

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