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Got a question about the App Wizard build framework or having a problem with your build? Please check for a solution in the online support (Self-Build Help & FAQ's) first. Our help tutorials are very comprehensive, so you'll be sure to find what you are looking for.

If you still need further assistance - contact the Build Team using the form below. We are only too happy to help and look forward to exceeding your customer service expectations!

To avoid delays & minimise turnaround times, please ensure you provide the Build Team with the following info:
1.  Your App Wizard 'User Name'.
2.  The 'Application ID' or 'Application Name' that your query relates to.
3.  The name of the specific page (in your App) that your query relates to (if applicable). For example "tab3.html".
4.  The question you want answered or the problem you want fixed. Please provide as much detail as possible.
5.  If you have more than one question, please submit separate enquiries.
Once you have all this information ready, please use the form below to contact the App Wizard Build Team.

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Please note: Providing the information listed above will ensure we understand the nature of your query. The App Wizard Build Team will endeavour to respond to all emails in less than one business day.