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Loyalty Page Menu Options GPS Pages Social Media
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The App Wizard Loyalty Page allows you to customise your business' loyalty criteria & rewards as required, to create & retain new business. With over 20 different menu page styles to choose from, you can customise your App to match your marketing profie. The GPS page shows the App-user's current location on a satellite or map. Geofencing features can trigger a notification when the user nears a specified location. With Facebook, Twitter, YouTube & LinkedIn pages, you can easily add links to your social media pages.

App Share Calendar Countdown Timer Push Notifications
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The App-Share option allows App-users to send a link to their friends to download your App. A calendar that includes information about your sales and events. Event categories enable easy searching. A countdown timer that allows you to promote the big day like the release of a new product or store opening etc. Send messages to your App-users via push notifications to promote anything you like.

In-App Payments Booking Form Login Options Customisable Tabs
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Recieve payments for your goods or services directly through your App. Allows users to quickly & easily make a booking for your services. Use the Login feature to restrict access to special areas within your App. Tabs can be customised to suit your existing marketing profile. Tabs can be removed altogether if preferred.

Advertisments RSS Options In-App Ordering QR Code Reader
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Generate new & innovative revnue streams via in-App advertising options including Pollfish, Ad Mob etc. RSS feeds can easly be linked directly into your App. In-App ordering system to allow App-users to place orders for your products & services. Build a QR code reader directly into your App.

Rate & Review In App Messenger SMS Phone
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The Rate & Review feature allows you to get user feedback about your App. Messenger allows App-users to send messages to all other App-users. Enable App-users to contact you via SMS (text message). The message subject can be pre-polulated. Enable App-users to contact you directly via their phone without entering your number.

Email Video Survey Blank HTML
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Enable App-users to contact you directly via email without entering your email address. All fields are fully customisable. Video content can easily be added to your App as required. View video in portrait or landscape. The Survey Form allows you to create survey questions to help you gain valuable information about your customers. The Blank HTML page is fully customizable. Create any feature using the toolbox or raw HTML code.
Note: The examples shown above are just a small fraction of the 140+ page types avaialble at App Wizard. To see the full range, sign-up for a free account, create an App from one of our templates, then select 'Add Page' (+).

(Not all the features listed above are included in every App Wizard template, however any feature can be added to any App if required).

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