How to Preview an App on

Your Device

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Select the 'App Wizard Previewer App' on your device.

If you have not already downloaded the App Wizard Previewer, go to How to Download the App Wizard Previewer

Enter the Username and Password associated with your App Wizard account (Log in).

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                  Step 4

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Once Logged-In, select the App you wish to preview from the application list.

Note:  Due to the special nature of Apps being viewed within a Previewer App, it is highly recommended that a (fast) Wi-Fi connection is used to download Apps. You should also ensure a Wi-Fi connection is used when syncing your App's content.

Select 'Preview' at the bottom of the App's Description page.

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                  Step 6

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Wait for the App to download. The 'Sync in progress...' status bar (at the top of the page) shows the progress of the download.

Note:  Depending on the size of the App and your internet connection speed, the initial download may take an extended time to complete. Most Apps only take a few minutes to download - please be patient.
You can now preview your App. Once the App is open in the Previewer, any changes made to the App (in the App Wizard build framework) need to be 'Synced' with the App to take effect on your handset.

Sync the App (to apply recent changes) by tapping the 'Sync' button at the top of the page. In some Apps, tap the cog symbol, then tap 'Sync'. Alternatively, close the App then re-open the App in the Previewer to apply changes.

Note:  The uncompressed nature of Apps viewed in an 'App-in-App' environment may cause intermittent instability. If this occurs, you may need to 'Sync / Re-Sync' the App, or log-out and log back in to the Previewer to refresh the App. This is not indicative of the App's performance once published.