How to Duplicate Your App

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The iCaddy build framework allows you to easily duplicate your App. Duplicating a completed App minimises the effort required to convert the App to the alternative target platform (e.g. from iPhone to Android and vice versa).

To duplicate your App for the purposes of converting the target platform, simply set the target platform (for the duplicated App) to the platform not yet developed. This process is described below. After duplicating your App, go to How to Convert Your App's Platform for further information on how to finalise the platform conversion process.

You can also duplicate your App and retain the same target platform if you wish to create multiple versions of the same App for any reason. There is no limit to the number of Apps you can have 'under construction'.

Step 1

Step 1 Image
From the Application's 'Dashboard' click 'Duplicate this app'.  In the example shown below, we are duplicating an iPhone App to an Andriod App.

Step 2

Step 2 Image

The 'Duplicate' window will appear as shown above.

Rename the application in the 'New application name' field.

Note:  The application name must contain only numbers and letters with NO SPACES (e.g. SunshinePizzaShop).  The application name entered in this field is for internal reference purposes only and is not related to the Application name listed on the App Stores.

Select the desired target platform (e.g. 'Native Android' when converting from iPhone to Android), as shown above.


Step 3

Step 3 Image

A confirmation message will display to confirm the new App has been created successfully.  Click 'Done'.

The new (duplicated) App will be listed when you return to your 'My Applications' list.